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 Kagerou Mikadzuki -- Shinigami

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Kagerou Mikadzuki

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PostSubject: Kagerou Mikadzuki -- Shinigami    Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:10 am


Kagerou Yuugao Mikadzuki

--" I act on the guidance and power of my beliefs and will!"---

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: -UNKNOWN- [Ties to history]
Shinigami Aliases: Kagerou, Yue, Yuugao
Gender: Female
Age: Appears around her early twenties [Over 1,200]
Birth Date: April 15
Rank Status: Captain

Affiliated Division: Gobantai (Fifth Division)

First thing to note about Kagerou: she has a massive amount of hair. The hair is light pinky rose color. It ends below her shoulders and she usually ties it in a braid or has it in a ponytail. She sometimes it hang loose though. It is one of the few things she taken care of. Meaning it is in top shape with a soft, silky texture. Sadly it takes a while a dry and it requires a lot of attention and care. So she keeps the maintained minimum when on a job or traveling. She usually has a few fancy hair pins in it.

Her eyes are piercing blue-green eyes that are a cross between emerald and sapphire jewels. They seem to pierce through the other person’s soul if you look at them directly at eye-level and are a tad dragon like. That is why most people don’t look into her eyes. Normally, when in a crowd they are aware, calculating, and relaxed looked at them. They also tend to twinkle when amused or excited. She is easily cheerful and despite she tries to mask her emotions, sometimes her emotions shine through her eyes.

Her skin is a slightly pale peach/apricot. This is due to it being genetic trait of environment and from where she grew up. Meaning she easily sunburns and is not used to very hot temperature environment. Her skin tone stayed the same after her change. Both of her ears are pieced. Usually, she has fang like earrings dangling from her ears.

Her body has a slender/slim built- she looks frail and delicate to most people. Because of her frail appearance most people think she is sickly and weak. However this is far from the opposite and is in fact stronger than most her gender. This causes a lot of surprises and shock from the people around here. This shows that you shouldn’t judge your opponent by their appearance or gender. Her body is curvy and built for speed and flexibility. This was even more enhanced with her training and conditioning.

She wears a modified version of the captain outfit. Her captain outfit consists of her white haori , yes. However underneath the coat is her variation. She usually wears a black and blue travel kimono with boots. She also wears gloves on her hands and a long scarf around her neck.

 Kagerou is a bit confusing at first glance. At first, she appears the lone wolf and the whole “Ice Queen” type of person. But that isn’t entirely true. Due to her past, yes she keeps a distance but she is actually a pleasant person when you get to know her. The first thing to notice her is that she is calm and level headed. She has a great deal of patience and tolerance as well. She can be considered a relaxed person too.

She can be appeared to be detached, distant, and indifferent. Hey, she sometimes even along the lines of cold, aloof, and a tad uncaring. She is silent and most of the time a depressed and reclusive folk. She is also highly pessimistic. However, this isn’t really true. She does care about people she knows [but won’t go out of the way for strangers]. In fact, she can be compassionate, nurturing, and caring. She can be supportive in her own demanding and blunt way. However, this rarely shows on the surface. This is due to her withdrawn and shy nature. She masks her wariness with her sarcastic and sharp tongued behavior.

Despite her inner problems, Kage is a brave and courageous. Despite her inner despair and troubles, she pushes them aside and works with all her might. She is focused, dedicated to a degree [when it pips her interest], and even reliable. Yes, she is dense. Yes, she is forgetful and sometimes scattered brain. And yes, she easily gets bored. Her mind wanders as well sometimes. However, despite this, she has an affinity for discipline and order with her organized behavior.

She keeps an open mind and is rather flexible and adaptive for her life and work. With an aura of confidence and creativity, she tries to make other routes and plans. She is also rather logical and thoughtful. She is also knowledge and insightful and even observant. Yes, when it comes to her own emotions, relationships, and feelings…she is rather naive. However when it comes to others, she easily notices things. She has a high sense of responsibility and honor as well. She is also a practical person. She doesn't need a lot of fancy things or anything like that. So she is also rather simple. She is also perspective.

Despite all this, again, she has flaws. All humans do. No one is perfect and ideal model. She is proud and can be stubborn. She is also guarded and suspicious and highly mistrusting. Yes, she is loyal to those she holds dear and earns her trust. However, it is hard to gain it. She is even ruthless and unforgiving to those who back stab her. She is resentful too. So she holds grudges for a long period of time. Guarded like the highest prison, she rarely shows her emotions and feelings. However, as you get to know her, Kage’s true personality shines through. Her mask personality is a cheerful and energetic fool. She basically manipulates her mask to suit the situation with a calculative glance. So she can appear to be mysterious, confusing, elusive, and enigmatic. Despite her mask and her faces, she is also highly playful and can be a bit on the dramatic side. She loves to tease and baffle people. She loves freedom and liberty so she can be rebellious when her freedom and liberty is threatened, sometimes to the point of defiant.

Despite this, she is a noble and composed gal, with a hint of charismatic appeal. She is highly independent with a lot of spirit and determination. She can be sympathetic; however she doesn’t let that control her. Despite her troubles and her past, she is resilient and pushes forward. Overall, a confusing person that can be a good ally/friend or a person to be feared [so she is sorta like a tsundere type I guess?].

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 3
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time

All Kagerou can remember was a few facts from her life. She however, can't remember her true human name and origins. This was due to the nature of her death. For you see, Kagerou (as she is called now) died a violent death. She doesn't remember he exact cause of death, just it was brutal or violent. She doesn't even know why it happened. All she could remember that part was how violent her death was.

From what she gathered and managed to regain, she remembered she was married. She was originally practiced medicine and medical aid. She was also had some kids. However, she cannot remember anything besides that. She doesn't remember her husband's face, their relationship, or even his name. She doesn't remember her kids name or faces either. She doesn't even recall her earlier origins at all what so ever. it was a total blank and when she tries to remember, she gets a massive headache as her head her head thobs in pain. It is like her true memories were blocked.

The earlier she can remember, besides the fragments of her death, was waking up in what she will later to be discover to be Rukongai. She remembered waking up in extreme in extreme pain. When she opened her eyes, she found herself face to face with a old man. The man was speaking to her, but because of the pain, she couldn't make out his features or what he was talking about. She then fainted from the pain, unable to keep awake any more.

When she woken up (again) she found herself in a high class dwelling. She found herself face to the old man. This man turned out to be Mugetsu Mikadzuki. From what she could gather, he was a pretty well influential old man. The man proceeded to introduce her to the world. She found out she was in District Three of South Rukongai.

The man proceeded to explain this was, in the way, the afterlife of the humans talked about in legends. It wasn't perfect as it seemed and the life after death was more like a second chance. But if you now die now, it probably the end of the road. He then explained, that for some reason, she was lucky to landed up in District 3. He then proceeded to explain the natures of the districts, of how chaotic the lower districts was.

When he asked about her name and how she was. All she could let out a hungry growl from her stomach and rough and dry voice saying she was hungry and fill of pain. This seemed to shock the man and the man proceed to bring in some food and nurse the girl back to health. When finally she was able to stand on her own feet, old man Mugetsu said she was hungry. This was a year under his care. It turned out most souls cant feel hunger. Those who do has potential for spiritual power and for to have the hunger at so early in her arrival, was a sign she got potential.

When she asked what potential, he politely began to explain the life and purpose of Soul Reapers or the Shinigami. For some reason, she was drawn to the work of the Shinigami. It was reminding her of someone or something. There was also a chance by becoming a Shinigami, she might remember or at least uncover portions of her past. When she voice her intentions of becoming a Shinigami, the man looked shocked.

it turned out old man Mugetsu was a former High Ranked Shinigami, and was a Former Captain. In fact, his former division, before he retired was the 5th Division. But that was long ago. He had a wife and a family, but they were lost recently. In any case, he said Kagerou reminded him of his daughter. He then proceeded that he will train her in the basics of the way of the Shinigami after she settled in Society.

For ninety years, she lived in the household of the Mikadzuki's. Mugetsu even officially adopted her and made her his heir and even game her current name. It turned out Mugetsu's household was a middle class noble family. Not rich as the royal houses but rich and influential enough to be noticed. During the Fifty Years, she trained in physical and mentally.

For some reason, she never was suited for just plain swordplay. Yes, she was speedy. She was quick and agile. However, her physical strength made it hard for her to use immense strength and stamina. Still, she trained and trained to surpass her limits. She toiled with memorization with laws and incarnations as well. She trained her control of her reiatsu. Mugetsu said she showed promise in Hakuda, Shunpo, and Kido. But her swordplay? Well..they seem to need a lot of work. Finally, it was time for her to enter the academy.

Her lessons with Mugetsu helped. When she entered the academy, she had the spiritual power of born nobles. But despite that, knowing her true origins, she tried to be polite. Yet, she sucked at mingling with others. For some reason, her heart was cold and so was her personality. Still, she managed to earn a few friends she still hold dear to this day. One of her friends, a girl name Tomoe, was her best friend in the academy.

While Kagerou was cold and like graceful ice queen, Tomoe was different. She was cheerful and outgoing along with being on the rowdy side. It was due to Tomoe's persistence and drive that Kagerou slowly opened up and revealed her true caring personality. However, Kagerou was still cold and solemn to strangers mostly. But at least she was more polite.

However, it was during the 4th year things got rowdy. Tomoe was went out on a Hollow Cleaning mission, and it turned out bad. Luckily, Tomoe was managed to retrieved and was alive..but there was a cost. Tomoe was now paralyzed waist down. This caused Kagerou great agony and grief, that her best friend she was planning to join a Division with and the one who opened her up, got injured so badly she had to quit. But at least she was alive. Kagerou swore that she will accomplish her own desires along with Tomoe's.

Despite her depression, she pushed  forward and graduated during her fourth year. She did it, she managed to become a Shinigami. Kagerou proceeded to work up the ladder at a fast past. Finally, at least 400 years ago, she managed to make it as a Captain of the Fifth Division. She did it with a combination of the battle test and getting recommendations. The first test she managed to best the opposing captain with a combination of Hakuda, Shunpo, and Kido. She then proceeded to wrap it up with Bankai. Overall, the fight was a bit one sided.

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Thine character in hereby approved~

Move on towards the plains of...

God, that's hard to keep up. Upload your combat style Smile

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Kagerou Mikadzuki

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Sorry about that. Anyhow, updated!
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Kagerou Mikadzuki -- Shinigami
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