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 Travel within the void

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Maria Adelite

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PostSubject: Travel within the void   Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:02 pm

After stepping through the Garganta Portal, and having left the park in Karakura Town, the rip behind them sealing itself, Maria loosened her grip on the human's arms. She didn't expect her to run off now, after finding herself in such a strange set of circumstances. Especially not in a place as strange as The Dark Void. "Relax; I see use for you personally. I'll do what I can to make sure my superiors don't go off and kill you; though first we're going to see my direct superior." She spoke, trying to reassure the human girl, believing gaining her trust would make things easier. It probably wasn't much. A few idle thoughts of how the Espada, and more importantly Armonia, would react to what she was doing. Finding a powerful human with high potential as a threat as well as an ally. Perhaps Maria was the only one who would see it. Hopefully if she happened to interrupt anything it would not effect their opinions. If nothing else, the girl would try to get them to agree for the Fraccion to keep the human as her own personal servant.

One way or another I'm going to find uses for this girl, as a personal servant to help train and get to side with us, or as a fellow in working under Armonia. "We're here," The fraccion announced for her forced passenger. However the Fraccion was unaware the conversation she was going to just miss, between some of the Espada. The fine line between their opinions being drawn. Not a conversation the girl would be keen on hearing anyway, given her own loyalty to the Cero, which would remain undaunted in almost any given circumstance; though her own reasons for loyalty to that level was to a degree, could be considered shallow.
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Kimiko Miyagi

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PostSubject: Re: Travel within the void   Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:15 pm

Kimiko stood behind Maria, unable to comprehend her current surroundings. It should go without mention that the idea of interdimensional travel didn't make complete sense to her, and she was definitely sure that running off now would be a horrible idea. The arrancar who had kidnapped her mentioned something about superiors, and about her use. The idea of being used greatly disturbed her, but she was in a position where there was literally no alternative. As long as she wasn't going to be executed, she assumed that there would be other opportunities to return to her previous life. From what she could understand from her intuitions, Maria at least had some level of humanity and respect for others, which helped her believe that they weren't as monstrous as they might let on. She knew that if they had some level of human emotion, they probably had some level of human empathy, which would hopefully mean that she can appeal to their sense of humanity and have herself treated with some level of civil dignity, instead of as a slave. She knew, if anything, that they were probably far stronger and most likely more skilled in combat than she was, so a direct fight was never going to shift in her favor.

She was cut off, when the arrancar announced their arrival. She didn't have much to say, so she meekly nodded her head, following behind the girl. She wasn't going to be obnoxious, but she wasn't going to let herself be trod upon. She was human, not some shameless beast, after all. If she could appeal to them as a comrade instead of a tool or a servant, then she could keep a level of standing that would let her keep her pride.
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Travel within the void
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